Ajay & Indra Sapru

"Shine on Us."

1 Apple Tree

was planted on your behalf by

the Sapru Famly , Akhil ~ Shikha, Sahira and Ishaan

This is your tree.
Latitude 30.549652, Longitude 79.551018

  This tree was planted by  The Mahila Mangal Dal at Suneel Village, Uttarakhand on Basant Panchami.



See a video about SGI and the planting ceremony

  • The trees will be nurtured by the farmer for two years and we will send you geo-tagged growth stage photographs of your plants.
  • From the third year onwards, each tree will start yielding 100-120 kgs of Apples.
  • Each tree will help the farmer with food, nutrition and an income of at least Rs 500/- every year. Inflation adjusted.  While also combating global warming and climate change. And being a supply source and providing Oxygen for you and a loved one.
  • A 100% return on your contribution.

These trees are located in the village of Suneel, Chamoli Dist, Uttarakhand.

View apple tree planted for Ajay and Indra Sapru in a larger map
Climate change and global warming can be, to a very great extent reduced by planting trees. Sustainable Green Initiative plants fruit trees to combat global warming and simultaneously fight hunger, poverty and rural migration.

We work with marginal/ bpl farmers to plant fruit trees on land resources that they have access to. And ensure that your investment goes a long way to mitigate climate change, hunger, poverty and re-ruralization.

Did you know a mature tree processes enough oxygen for two peoples requirements for a life-time?


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