'A Thousand Trees' Planting Festival, July 2013 - Kolkata, India

Lions Clubs International District 322B1 helped plant 1000 trees at

Bidhan Sishu Udyan, Ultadanga, Kolkata on 21st July 2013,

Eager tree planters waiting for the Inauguration by Lion Dr Jitsuhiro Yamada

For a Sunday, it was an early start -- around 9 am. The 1000 tree planting festival, organised at Bidhan Shishu Udyan, Ultadanga, by Sustainable Green Initiative and 2nd Innings Foundation on behalf of Lions Clubs International District 322B1, Kolkata, saw more than 100 people take part in the 1000-tree plantation drive that went on till late afternoon.  600 neem trees and 400 fruit trees were planted as part of this festival which will soon be a nationwide planting initiative.

Lion Dr Jitsuhiro Yamada, Lion Pushpa Agarwal, Lion B L Banka and other Lions with the mango tree planted by Lion Yamada

The chief guest, Second Vice-President, Lions Clubs International, Dr Jitsuhiro Yamada, who has

planted trees along the Great Wall of China during a plantation drive, welcomed the initiative and went on to plant a number of mango trees!

From Left: Lion A P Singh, Lion Rama Bhatia, Lion B B Banka, Lion Dr Jitsuhiro Yamada, Lion Raju Manwani,             Lion S Lovisuth

Among the Lions Clubs members were Lion Rama Bhatia, District Governor, Lions Clubs International, District 322B1, Kolkata; Lion Sangita Jatia, International Director; Lion A P Singh Past International Director; Lion S Lovisuth, Lion Pushpa Agarwal, Lion B L Banka and Lion Suraj Bagla amongst more than 50 others who had assembled from all over Kolkata.

One of the highlights of the event was a colourful cultural programme organised by the young girls  of Bidhan Shishu Udyan, Ultadanga, who not only entertained the audience with Rabindra Sangeet,

Young children from the Bidhan Sishu Udyan presenting a song at the 1000 tree planting festival

but also danced to Bangla songs. Naturally, they were thanked and much appreciated by the dignitaries of Lions Clubs International.

Enthusiastic dancers at the Bidhan Sishu Udyan 
Guests took to planting the saplings with great gusto and were even seen digging their own pits when they couldn’t find any!

Popularly known as Guruji by Kolkatans, Prof S M Devadason, Founding Director, SGI, was sought out by several people who had come to plant trees, as he excitedly talked about his plans for more such plantation drives in Kolkata and across India. 

What also came as a pleasant surprise was how the plantation drive turned into a happy family event

with parents, children, husbands, wives, siblings, friends, extended family members and even

toddlers enthusiastically getting their hands dirty and happily planting saplings of

mango and guava trees.

Among other special guests included members of the alternate rock bank Cassini’s Division – Rahul Guha Roy and Sukanti Roy along with singer Anushree Gupta. “I don’t want to merely pose for pictures. I want to plant my own trees,’ said Sukanti, when asked to smile for the cameras.

Cassini’s Division – Rahul Guha Roy and Sukanti Roy along with singer Anushree Gupta
Children present at the plantation ceremony were the happiest, since it was their day to run around in the large area, get their hands dirty in the mud without being scolded and appreciating the miracle of planting a sapling that will one day grow into a mighty tree. "I planted one tree and it will give 11 mangoes said Pushti Khemka, daughter of Murli Khemka a senior finance professional with SREI.

Also present were Mrs and Dr John Abraham, Principal of the Scottish Church College, who planted a mango and a guava tree.

Despite his busy schedule, Olympian and ace shooter Joydeep Karmakar made it a point to find time to come and plant a few trees with his son. “I used to do all this when I was in school. I loved gardening. In fact, I have planted potatoes and onions and have enjoyed their produce!” he laughed.

Lending a hand to the cause was actress and model Dona Saha. “Trees add more than greenery to our surroundings. They make for most of the beauty on this planet,” she said.

The Sustainable Green Initiative would like to partner with more minds that are committed to move ahead and make a difference against climate change and poverty.

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Did you know a tree sequesters about 1 ton of carbon and processes enough oxygen for two peoples requirements in its life-time?

So what are you waiting for? Plant a tree today.


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