Fish wash up on Alabama's Shores


For nearly five days, fish have been washing up along Mobile Bay and many locals say it’s continuing to get worse.

The fish, primarily red drum and catfish, are turning up by the hundreds, both ashore and floating in the bay.

Point Clear resident Larry Canham said he noticed the rotting fish behind his home Thursday, May 9 with the smell making it uncomfortable around the house.

Canham said he saw dead fish wash up last spring, but the number has at least doubled this year.
He said he’s counted more than 20 fish in less than three days, just in his backyard.

Bob Shipp, professor of marine sciences at the University of South Alabama  was asked his opinion.“I was alarmed last year when something like this happened. This time of the year is not the time of the year when you witness fish kills.This time of year, it’s not the case,” said Shipp.

Since catfish were involved, Dr. Shipp said he first thought a virus might have something to do with the fish kill. I suspect the Alabama Marine Resources Division will take samples and then we’ll know if it’s a virus or not, but the bottom line is, we just don’t know,” Shipp said.

Officials with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and Alabama Marine Resources were not available for comment.

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