Mulvany House, Kolkata, India.

Despite the overcast, Wednesday morning sky, humanitarians ("He that plants a tree, loves others beside himself - Thomas Fuller") from around Kolkata gathered at Mulvany House to plant fruit trees.

 The proposed plan is to plant 500 trees around the premises of which a few have been planted as part of the innaugration that took place on Wednesday.

Over the next few weeks we encourage you to help and support this initiative in creating a green pocket of 500 Fruit Trees in the heart of the city.

By following this link and purchasing a ticket, you can come down to the site and plant a sapling of your choice amongst either Papaya, Mango, Banana, Sweet Lime, Custard Apple, Sapota (Chiku) or Gooseberry (Amla).

By planting a tree in the heart of the city, not only are you cleansing the air for others in this city, around you, but the produce obtained from these trees will aid in the upkeep and support of the residents of Mulvany House while providing them a more cleaner, healthier and beautiful environment to be a part of.

Mulvany House is a homestead for aged and desolate women who are taken care of by the support and the efforts of the Diocese of Kolkata. 

For more details on Mulvany House - go here -

Looking forward to having your support in yet another green initiative

Mulvany House is located at 11, Dr. Kartick Bose Road, Kolkata, India


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