Durgesh Raturi - Pune

Durgesh Raturi - Pune

 enabled the Mahila Mangal Dal at Suneel Village, Uttarakhand to plant
20 Apple Trees

  endowed in the name of his parents

These Trees were planted on Basant Panchami, the 15th of February.

See a one minute video of the planting ceremony

The trees will be nurtured by the farmer.
 From the third year, each tree will start yielding 100-120 kgs of Apples.
Each tree will help the farmer with food, nutrition and an income of atleast Rs 500/- every year.
A 100% return on your contribution.

Click here to plant a tree

Durgesh Raturi's trees are located around the village of Suneel, Chamoli Dist, Uttarakhand.

View the Apple Trees planted by Durgesh Raturi, Pune in a larger map
Click here to see the complete Suneel plantation.


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