Apples from Fruit Trees grown in Karnataka and now Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Grow Apple fruit trees in Karnataka

Soon after the 2013 reports of planting apple trees come in from Mangalore at the farm of Shri Krisna Shetty who was the pioneer and made the idea possible is this report of apple trees being grown in Andhra Pradesh. 

Yes, Andhra the land of the fiery red chilly powder and spiced up food.

Planting apple trees helps combat hunger and poverty

Forget apples from Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, soon apples from Visakhapatnam district could give them a run for their money. Hilly areas of the district are emerging as a fertile ground for cultivation of apples, which have hitherto been restricted to orchards in the chilly climes of J&K, Uttarakhand, HP and Arunachal Pradesh.

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The first seeds of apple cultivation were sown by chance by Bobbili Rambabu, a tribal from the Visakhapatnam Agency area, four years ago when he tossed a few apple seeds in the backyard of his house at Lambasingi, where temperatures are known to dip below 0 degree Celsius during winter. The trees have now borne fruit, alerting researchers to the possibility of growing this delicious fruit in Visakha Agency.

Vishakapatnam District now grows apple fruit trees

Dr. N Venugopala Rao, assistant director, Regional Agriculture Research Station (RARS) at Chintapalli, said apples generally grow in the Himalayan belt because of cold temperatures, which is why places such as Lambasingi in Chintapalli mandal are also ideal for apple cultivation. As part of the study, they planted 100 apple saplings, shipped in from the Himalayas, over nearly one acre on the RARS premises.

Apple trees flowering and budding in Vizag Vishakapatnam Andhra Pradesh

Another RARS scientist, Dr. B Uma Maheswara Rao, said select varieties of apples from Shimla have been planted on an experimental basis. If the state government pays special attention, Vizag can emerge as a fertile ground for cultivating unique commercial crops like apples,” Rao added.

A horticulture department officer, who refused to be named, said if apple cultivation takes off in a big way in the district, they might think of including apples in the list of local crops, which also includes the globally renowned Araku coffee.

While G Prabhakara Rao, assistant director (horticulture), said the department would put its weight behind the endeavour once the RARS scientists issue a no-objection certificate for apple cultivation in the district, R Lakshmanudu, joint director, agriculture marketing, said they would provide marketing support for Vizag apples.

Meanwhile, tribal farmer Biddika Kamsu said that instead of proposing projects like the Tribal University for the Agency area, the government should focus on allocating funds for growing unique plants. “Visakha Agency is one of the biggest agencies in the state and is most viable for plants like pepper, coffee, pineapple, strawberry, turmeric, rajma, broccoli, ginger and carrot,” Kamsu said.

Apples in your backyard
* Apple cultivation started by chance by Bobbili Rambabu, a tribal farmer from Lambasingi in Chintapalli mandal of Vizag Agency area, four years ago when he tossed apple seeds in his backyard. They planted 100 saplings shipped in from the Himalayas
* Officials say mandals like Chintapalli, Pedabayalu, G Madugula and even Araku are suitable for apple cultivation as they are all located at high altitudes, with temperature always below 15 degree Celsius

Planting a tree. 

As simple as it sounds, planting a tree makes a difference.
A tree has the potential to sequester about a ton of carbon over 50 years. What's  more, It generates enough oxygen for two human beings for their lifetimes.
Any which way you look at it. You are cleansing your air and making up for the carbon that you unintentionally emit.

On another plane SGI ensures a much larger perspective at play. The trees that you help plant and nurture, create a livelihood in the communities that undertake the planting activities on your behalf. They nurture for the tree and protect it as their own. Protecting your investment. 

When the tree bears fruit, they add to the livelihood and economy of these communities helping them find prosperity and engaging them to continue these activities on their own.
Even though the trees are planted on the remotest locations, their effects help the world on a global scale.

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Yet planting just one type of tree begins to drain the soil of moisture and vital nutrients. That is why, we urge our planting partners to plant a variety of different trees in the area that are mutually beneficial towards creating small pockets of eco systems. 

Once these areas begin to grow and spread on their own as nature often does, it begins to improve the climatic and soil conditions of the areas around it, recreating the magic it does in places no human has yet pillaged.

This helps species of animals and birds that are losing their homes due to deforestation and climate change, find new homes and areas to live as the project begins to spread.
After all, this is their home too.

By planting a tree we not only help ourselves, but give back to world in ways we cannot possibly begin to imagine. And with every tree we plant, we unlock even more.


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