51 reasons and excuses to plant a tree, today..


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Plant a Tree To-Day!

Sustainable Green Initiative plants fruit trees on community lands like orphanages and old age homes and on lands owned by marginal and Bpl farmers.  We work with self help groups and NGOs who help us identify right beneficiaries who can continue the process of planting and nurturing trees. (See our methodology)

At Sustainable Green Initiative, we plant trees to help the fight against climate change and also hunger, poverty and rural migration.  By planting a tree through us, you help in doing your bit to mitigate your carbon footprint and carry on the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change.

Did you know a tree sequesters about 1 ton of carbon and processes enough oxygen for two peoples requirements in its life-time?


Our ongoing and proposed tree planting projects :

1.     Delhi: 100,000 trees with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to convert un-utilized and barren land and create mini-forests in Delhi & NCR. The initial areas where we will start planting are 50 acres at Shastri Park river front, 12 acres at Okhla, Sarita Vihar and others.
2.     Haryana - Gurgaon: 3100 fruit trees in Deepashram (Nr Sheetla Mata Mandir ) & Anandashram ( Nr Golf Course Extn Rd) both homes for physically & mentally handicapped run by the Missionaries of Charity.
3.     Haryana - Gurgaon: 1000 Trees in St Michael's school. Beneficiaries are Homeless Children staying in orphanage within school premises.
4.     Haryana- Gurgaon : 1000 Trees in Archbishop Alan De-Lastic children's village.
5.     Haryana- Gurgaon: 100 Trees in The Happy School, DLF phase 1, Gurgaon. Beneficiaries are children of poorest of poor studying in school.
6.     Delhi: 2500 trees in  St Mary's Catholic Church, Presentation Convent School, SP Mukherji Mg, Delhi- 6. 
7.     West Bengal 24 Paraganas South:  1000 fruit trees at SPCI, PO Joka,  a girls orphanage
8.     West Bengal: Kolkata: Salt Lake: 2500 fruit trees at the SAI -Sports Authority of India Complex,
9.     West Bengal: Kolkata: Lions Clubs International, District 322B1. 1000 trees planted (600 Neem and 400 fruit trees) in Bidhan Sishu Udyan, a children's park.
10.            West Bengal Kolkata: 350 fruit trees planted in Mulvany House an old age home at Baithakhana Road, nr Sealdah.
11.            West Bengal Kolkata: 2500 fruit trees planted in Tolly Homes an old age home at NSC Bose Rd, near Tollygunge.
12.            West Bengal Barrackpore: 1000 fruit trees in Udayan, childrens home - parents are afflicted with leprosy.
13.            West Bengal 24 Paraganas (N): (prop): 5000 trees in 1000 low-income households belonging to micro loan borrowers of one of the largest and most respected MFI/ NGOs in eastern India.
14.            West Bengal: Sundarbans: 1000 fruit trees in a govt aided school in Patharpratima block of Sundarbans.
15.            Uttarakhand: Village Suneel: 2000 apple trees in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand managed by Ghanshyam Smriti Dehradun and with partnering of the local Mahila Mangal Dal SHG.  (1000 trees planted.)
16.            Uttarakhand: Ukhimatt, Rudraprayag district: 5000 Mulberry trees and 1000 assorted fruit trees to help in the
17.            Maharashtra: Tuljapur: EOI  from TISS - Planting trees in 100 acres campus and adjoining captive villages.
18.            Assam  & Dooars: EOI from the world largest tea company to afforest 70 acres of barren land.
19.            Assam – Sibasagar: EOI from DM Assam to setup a model coconut farm and nursery along with fruit tree planting in forest lands to tackle monkey and elephant intrusion.

SGI works with the twin objectives of combating climate change caused by the billion of us in urban areas as well as helping the billion who sleep hungry, have the assurance of two daily meals!
One of the most tried and tested -- and promising -- method to combat climate change is a simple one: plant trees. Planting trees takes care of a host of issues -- from pollution abatement to creating sustainable livelihoods.

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Kolkata among top 10 cities susceptible to flooding under climate change:


The Lions Clubs International, District 322B1 along with the 2nd Innings Foundation and SGI planted a 1,000 trees at the Bidhan Sishu Udyan, near the bustling transit hub of Ultadanga, Kolkata. 600 neem trees and 400 fruit trees were planted as part of this festival which will soon be a nationwide planting initiative.

Food for all living organisms originates from trees and other members in the plant kingdom. Every single organism depends directly or indirectly on trees for their survival. Trees not only provide food for other organisms, but also shelter and protection to many different types of organisms including humans. In addition, trees also provide wood, shade, oxygen and clean air. During heavy rains, trees reduce the risk of flooding. There are two major ways in which trees provide protection against flooding.

While several of us tsk-tsk the sorry state of our fast-receding green cover, discuss the ills of global warming over tea and express general hopelessness over the state of affairs, a lanky teenager in Germany is making waves with his motto, “Stop talking, start planting.” 

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