Clean Energy powered flight: across the US on a song, a prayer and sunlight

Solar Impulse flew across America powered only by the Suns energy

Solar Impulse, an experimental aircraft powered by sun’s energy, took off Saturday morning from Washington and heads to New York, on the last round of the U.S. cross-country flight from west to east. (Credit: Solar Impulse)

Along with Elon Musks Tesla, the Solar Impulse will lead this decades developments

The plane left Washington Dulles International Airport at 4:46 am local time (8:46 GMT) and landed at JF Kennedy airport in New York on early morning of Sunday at 2:00 pm local time (6:00 GMT).

A long slow flight across America, the Solar Impulse completed the cross country journey.

“It is the shortest flight in terms of distance, but the longest in terms of time,” said co-founder and CEO of the project, Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg.

Heavy air traffic did not prevent the Solar Impulse from landing in high traffic airports

“I have thought for a long time about this last stage of the project: how to introduce our experimental plane into an area where air traffic is most intense in the world? The plane landed successively in Phoenix (Arizona), Dallas / Fort Worth (Texas), Saint Louis (Missouri), Cincinnati (Ohio) and Washington.

The two co-founders of the project, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg

The two co-founders of the project, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, explained that they chose a 5-stage flight for security reasons. Before the last flight, the pilots recalled their best adventures while traveling on board first solar plane.

With almost zero CO2e, the Solar Impulse is green technology.

One of the best memories for Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard was flying over the Golden Gate Bridge in California, while compatriot Andre Borschberg highlighted the dangerous episodes, such as those when the wind threatened to deviate the solar plane from the scheduled route.

Airlines produce a lot of CO2e and are some of worlds words polluters.

The U.S. crossing was “more difficult than we predicted due to the weather condition; The pilot expressed confidence that the U.S. authorities will give them permission to fly over the New York metropolis.

The solar impulse powered by the sun lands at New York.

“Our goal is not only to cross the United States, but to show that this project is useful to society, to show people that world can be effective when using clean technologies,” said the Swiss pilot.

Clean technologies for a better world

The first flight of the Solar Impulse took place in 2009. In 2011 it made its first international flight between Belgium and France, and in June 2012 flew between Madrid and Rabat.

Around the world in a solar powered plane in 2015

The two pilots intend to make a round-the-Earth flight in 2015.

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