Climate change may be changing the Earth’s geography at a scale and pace unprecedented in history

The UK’s former chief climate diplomat John Ashton addresses students from Bedford School Sixth Form in a TEDx talk.

Mitigating climate change by planting trees is a serious way forward.

The speech was called Climate Change: why you should be angry, and why anger isn’t enough. In it Ashton argues that young people must find their “collective voice as a generation” and play an active role in politics in a “purposeful, strategic and organized” manner.

You can read an extract below – or download the full speech at the bottom of this page.
  • I want to give you two illustrations of where we are right now on climate change.
  • The first is from an official assessment, published by our own government last year, of the risks posed by climate change to the British national interest. In that document there is a passage that reads – I swear to you, this is word for word:
  • Although the melting of Arctic sea ice could have long-term implications for the UK’s climate and may damage the Arctic’s biodiversity, one potential positive outcome could be the opening up of new shipping routes to Asia and the Pacific. The conversation turned to the geopolitical implications of the melting ice in the Arctic.
  • Asked to give his opinion, people around the table hanging on his every word, the security official declared that as far as he could see the 

  • Global warming has reached unprecedented levels and is threatening lives everywhere.
  • implications were positive. And that position goes something like this.
  • Climate change may be changing the Earth’s geography at a scale and pace unprecedented in history. Climate change may be the ruin of us. But, give a whistle, let’s look on the bright side.
  • I’ve been in the climate business for 15 years. I have to say I do get a little angry, in a good-natured way.
  • What makes me angry is not actually the Eric Idle thing. What makes me angry is that we can deal with climate change.
  • We can deal with it but we aren’t dealing with it.
  • You have more of your futures ahead of you than I do. You are more exposed to the consequences of failing to deal with climate change. If I’m angry about that failure, you have a lot more to be angry about.
What do we need to do to deal with climate change? According to the UNFCCC (full report here)

The UN framework convention on climate chage

Climate change and global warming can be to a great extent reduced by planting trees. Sustainable Green Initiative plants fruit trees to combat global warming and simultaneously fight hunger, poverty and rural migration.

The simplest way to combat climate change is to plant trees: Trees breathe in Carbon DiOxide and through the process of photo-synthesis create food for themselves and breathe out Oxygen.

At Sustainable Green Initiative, we plant trees to help the fight against climate change and also hunger, poverty and rural migration. By planting a tree you help in doing your bit to mitigate your carbon footprint and carry on the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change.

  Planting fruit trees helps combat hunger, poverty and global warming.

Did you know a tree sequesters about 1 ton of carbon and processes enough oxygen for two peoples requirements in its life-time?

So what are you waiting for? 

Plant a tree today.

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