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Global warming is a reality. Climate change has now become an accepted part of our day-to-day life.

Climate change has now become an accepted part of our day-to-day life.

Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI) works ...with the twin objectives of combating climate change caused by the billion of us in urban areas as well as helping the billion who sleep hungry, have the assurance of two daily meals!

One of the most tried and tested -- and promising -- method to combat climate change is a simple one:
plant trees.

Tree planting combats pollution, climate change, hunger and poverty

Planting trees takes care of a host of issues -- from pollution abatement to creating sustainable livelihoods.

Trees Produce Oxygen
Trees Clean the Soil
Trees Control Noise Pollution
Trees Slow Storm Water Runoff
Trees Are Carbon Sinks
Trees Clean the Air
Trees Shade and Cool
Trees Act as Windbreaks
Trees Fight Soil Erosion

PLanting trees helps the global fight against CO2e, hunger and poverty

Trees Provide Food, Nutrition, Medicine, Fodder and Timber
Look out the window and imagine a greener, cleaner world, where the air you breathe isn't toxic. Where the fruit you relish isn't loaded with chemicals and isn't the farthest thing from being natural. Where with every meal that you consume you don't get one step closer to starvation.

One wouldn't need to imagine such things if we had only thought ahead before consuming many of this earth's valuable resources just for the sake of progress and a comfortable and convenient life.

These are not just the problems faced by you but practically every man, woman, child, animal and plant on the face of the plantet. Our careless, thoughtless actions are affecting the earth on a scale that we haven't even begun to understand.

Yet. Nature isn't without hope. It's ancient miracle, the tree is our only line of defense against impending global catastrophe, the likes of which can change the very existence of life on our planet.

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