Devashi Gulati Gurgaon

Devashi Gulati - Gurgaon

 enabled the Mahila Mangal Dal at Suneel Village, Uttarakhand to plant
2 Apple Trees

  On her birthday

These Trees were planted on Basant Panchami, the 15th of February.

See a video of the planting ceremony

The trees will be nurtured by the farmer.
 From the third year, each tree will start yielding 100-120 kgs of Apples.
Each tree will help the farmer with food, nutrition and an income of atleast Rs 500/- every year.
A 100% return on your contribution.

Click here to plant a tree

Devashi Gulati's trees are located around the village of Suneel, Chamoli Dist, Uttarakhand.


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