Find the balance

Everything in nature is about balance. 

Survival is in our hands

A few degrees colder than it ought to be and a region’s flora and fauna can change. Just a couple of degrees warmer can mean more diseases in a developing country. Now research says that hunger can be banished from the face of the earth if developing countries start more intensive farming and if developed countries take it easy with the industrialised, high-scale farming. In other words, a better balance. 

Planting fruit trees leads to long term sustainability

According to Pablo Tittonell, Professor, Farming Systems Ecology, Wageningen University, Netherlands, this is the simple answer to addressing poverty in the world. An advocate of agro-ecological farming, Tittonell argues that contrary to common thinking, agriculture and nature are not opposed to each other. 

ecology and modern life can go together

What is needed is an emphasis on new systems of agriculture. Thus, developing countries should intensify farming, not by means of artificial methods, but with the help of education and awareness, better supply chain management, better communication through tools such as the internet and mobile phones and so on. He is also of the view that developed countries in the Western world need to lay off intensive farming that makes rampant use of chemical fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides; it basically tips the fragile balance between nature and agriculture. Tittonell is also an associate professor at the University of Montpelier and National University of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires. 

Use of chemical fertilisers kills soil strength

With food production in different parts of the world becoming more balanced, there might be a better chance of food distribution and the prices of food products may become more rational. According to Tittonell, developed countries at present are harming the environment by engaging in such high-intensity farming practices. This is depleting soil of its richness and chemicals are harming it irreversibly.
On the other hand, small-scale farmers in developing countries are not producing as much from the soil as they can, owing to redundant farming practises. 

No more over fertilization

Measures such as Tittonell suggests need to be considered, debated and discussed on a larger scale and at the policy making level. 
Is someone listening? 

Planting trees helps regenerate soil bio-mass and the water table.
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