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 What we eat is what we become - Dr. Rudolf Steiner

Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, German soil scientist and biodynamic advocate, recounts a fascinating conversation he had with Dr. Rudolf Steiner back in 1924, shortly before Steiner gave the agricultural course. 

They were speaking about the need for a deepening of people’s esoteric life and Pfeiffer asked him why people weren’t able to more fully develop their spiritual lives, despite their interest in doing so. 

Why did people have such a difficult time carrying out their spiritual intentions?

Steiner answered: “This is a problem of nutrition.  Nutrition as it is today does not supply the strength necessary for manifesting the spirit in physical life.  A bridge can no longer be built from thinking to will and action.  Food plants no longer contain the forces people need for this.”
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Biodynamic agriculture considers the farm or garden to be a self-contained organism that exists in a larger framework of a living, dynamic cosmos. The aim is to work with those energies within the farm system in order to increase the health and vitality of the soil, the crops, the farm animals, even the farmer.  But biodynamics was never just focused on agricultural techniques.

It was conceived of as a new way of thinking about the connection between farming, nutrition, and our spiritual nature. Steiner gave much thought to the effect of foods on the whole human being- the physical, psychological, and the spiritual. Steiner explained that in addition to the physical substances food provides for our nutrition, it also needs to provide vital forces for the development of our higher spiritual capacities, and acknowledged this to be a factor reducing people’s ability to make strides with a more spiritual nature.

Steiner spent his life thinking about the spiritual realities at work within the realms of nature and throughout the universe. Steiner believed that history is shaped by changes in human consciousness, changes in which higher spiritual beings actively participate. He taught us to think about increasing the vitality of the food we eat, in order to increase our own vitality, and in doing so be more equipped to build a healthy social order. Nutrition that addresses the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual.

When we asked Deb if there is a connection between healing ourselves and healing the planet she said “I believe biodynamics offers ways to restore forces to nature that can help restore the overall health of our planet and support humanity’s potential to live as awakened and loving people.”

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