Fruits of Labour: Mulvany House

Mulvany House is an Old Age Home in Kolkata, India having over 20 residents, 
the eldest being a sprightly 92 year old lady who served in the second World War.

The day the trees were planted coincided with the birthdays of a donor sponsor
as well as a resident -see Birthday Showers of blessings

Some of the trees that have started bearing fruits in the very first season.


 A pomegranate announcing the coming of spring and its first fruit.

 The lady in charge of the home looking at the mangoes that have sprung forth from the tree 
that she helped plant just a few months ago.

Gandhoraj Neboo, Kafir Lime a speciality of Eastern India, highly prized for its fragrance.

 Guavas. The elderly residents dont want many of these, they cant bite into the hard skin.

 The elderly residents prefer soft fruits like Bananas, Chikoo (Sapota), Papaya and Custard Apples.

 The Banana plants are ready to flower and we expect the fruits by Mid- August.

 Cheeku (Sapota), fruits of labour.

Sustainable Green Initiative plants fruit trees on fallow/ community lands and on lands owned by marginal and Bpl farmers.  We work with self help groups and NGOs who help us identify right beneficiaries who can continue the process of planting and nurturing trees. (See methodology)
  We plant trees to help the fight against climate change and also hunger, poverty and rural migration.  By planting a tree through us, you help in doing your bit to mitigate your carbon footprint and carry on the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change.

  Plant a Fruit tree today:

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Our ongoing and proposed tree planting projects :

West Bengal
  • Kolkata: Mulvany House, 500 fruit trees in an old age home in the heart of the city, near Sealdah.  More Info...
  • Barrackpore: Udayan: 1000 (800 fruit and 200 neem trees) trees in a home for children of parents afflicted by leprosy. More Info...
  • Sundarbans: 1000 fruit trees in a govt aided school in Patharpratima block of Sundarbans.
  • 24 Paraganas (N): 5000 trees in 1000 low-income households belonging to micro loan borrowers of one of the largest and most respected MFI/ NGOs in eastern India.  
  •  Kolkata: Tolly Homes, 2 500 fruit trees in an old age home near the Metro Station on NSC Bose Road, near Tollygunge 
  •  Kolkata: Childrens Home, 1500 fruit trees in an orphanage housing 300 girls close to the Indian Institute of Management, Joka, Kolkata

New Delhi, NCR 
  •  Gurgaon: 100 Trees at Deepashram, a homestead for mentally and physically challenged orphan boys in the care of the Society of the Missionary Brothers of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Kolkata. More Info...
Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Gopeswar, Chamoli district: 1000 fruit trees and 500 foraging trees in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand; managed by Ghanshyam Smriti, Dehradun.
  • Ukhimatt, Rudraprayag district: 5000 Mulberry trees and 1000 assorted fruit trees to help in the rehabilitation of three flood effected villages; managed by Ghanshyam Smriti, Dehradun.
Completed projects: 

  • Kolkata, West Bengal:1000 trees (600 Neem and 400 fruit trees) solely sponsored by LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL Dist 322B1.
  • Bidhan Sishu Udyan is a children's park in one of Kolkata's most highly polluted residential areas. The planting was inaugurated on 21st July 2013 by LCI 2nd Vice President International Mr Jitsuhiro Yamada.  More Info
  • Suneel: Uttarakhand: 2000 apple trees in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand managed by Ghanshyam Smriti Dehradun and with partnering of Suneel Mahila Mangal Dal SHG. (Planting completed: Adoption Pending)


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