How a farmer improves property with help from clean water project

Planting trees helps prevent soild erosion, preserve top soil, while also fighting hunger and poverty

KIPPEN – Joanne Scott is one of the many Huron County landowners and residents who are preserving topsoil, limiting wind and soil erosion, and keeping creeks, rivers, and Lake Huron clean with the support of the Huron County Clean Water Project.

Scott has owned a farm east of Kippen since 1990 when she moved from her family farm near Ailsa Craig. She has completed about five different tree-planting projects since acquiring her property.

Huron County’s Clean Water Project is providing some of the funds for her tree planting projects this year. This Huron County resident says trees give added life to the local landscape. She would likely plant some trees even if there weren’t programs available but she says the Huron County Clean Water Project is making it possible for her to do much more planting than she would be able to do otherwise.

“It’s an excellent program,” she said.

Tree planting is one of several different types of projects landowners can do to protect water. In addition to the land and water benefits that trees provide, Scott said she likes the variety of birds that sit on the branches of her trees and the fact the trees limit wind and soil erosion and keep her property cool in summer.

“The trees reduce erosion and stop the nutrients from leaching into my creek,” she said. “The tree planting also conserves topsoil and you can’t easily replace the topsoil if you lose it.”

This year, Scott’s tree planting projects include planting about half an acre with hardwoods. Some of her other projects over the years have included the planting of trees along the fence line.  Projects like tree planting have benefits for her property and local water but trees can improve the look of a property too.

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