Research shows that being with nature can help children deal with stress.

A US study found that that vegetation near  the home (a form of ‘nearby nature’) helped moderate the impact of stressful life events on children’s psychological wellbeing in rural areas. 

The study found that stress levels were reduced for children with high levels of nearby nature compared with those with little nearby nature. This stress-buffering effect was most pronounced for those experiencing the highest levels of life stress.

A Spanish study found children who have more frequent daily contact with nature show less stress than those who do not spend time in nature, taking into account both the residential and school environment.

Deeper, more active contact with nature can have long-term stress-relieving benefits. Intense, joyful and highly memorable ‘ecstatic experiences’ in nature during childhood provide a reservoir of calming and stabilising memories that are drawn on during stressful periods in later life.

Research is investigating nature contact and psychological wellbeing from both ‘prevention’ and ‘cure’ perspectives. 

Nature providing stress-relief is a ‘cure’ approach. In the case of depression there is an indirect association linking increased depression with decreased time spent in nature, via the associated time spent consuming media. 

This is an important consideration for the prevention of mental health issues. 

Increased time spent indoors watching TV exposes children to advertising and marketing messages. This commercialisation of childhood encourages a consumer culture and materialism.

Children who score high on measures of materialism have greater incidence of some mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, discontent and substance abuse.

  Planting fruit trees helps combat hunger, poverty and global warming.

Did you know a tree sequesters about 1 ton of carbon and processes
enough oxygen for two peoples requirements in its life-time?

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