'The Challengers’ plant trees in Dimapur, India

Dimapur, India, where the challengers routinely plant fruit trees

Members of The Challengers during the tree plantation at Mokokchung under the theme 'Care God’s Creation' on June 22

Planting trees to bond together
He who plants a tree winks at immortality

Dimapur, Nagaland, India: People around the world cut down trees for different purposes but have not realised to replaced it by planting another tree. Looking at the ecological and environmental problems such as landslides, soil erosion, pollution, etc. caused by human wanton felling of trees, the ‘The Challengers’ group planted some 60 to 70 trees at Mokokchung town from Assam Rifles ground to Sewak Gate under the theme 'Care God’s Creation' on June 22.

Human survival is closely linked to trees, plant a tree today

The Challengers feel that trees are important for human survival. Therefore, every responsible citizen must plant a tree whenever a tree is cut down. “Most importantly, planting a tree is also a spiritual activity, which shows that we care for God's creation and the beauty of His world thereby to make this world a better place to live in,” stated a press note issued by Kilang Longkumer .

At Sustainable Green Initiative, we plant trees to help the fight against climate change and also hunger, poverty and rural migration.  By planting a tree through us, you help in doing your bit to mitigate your carbon footprint and carry on the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change.

The simplest way to combat climate change is to plant trees:
Trees breathe in Carbon di-oxide and through the process of photo-synthesis create food for themselves and breathe out Oxygen.

Fighting GHG and air pollution, planting trees give fruits and shade too,

Plant or gift a tree today:

As simple as it sounds, planting a tree makes a difference.
A tree has the potential to sequester about a ton of carbon over 50 years. What's  more, It generates enough oxygen for two human beings for their lifetimes.Any which way you look at it. You are cleansing your air and making up for the carbon that you unintentionally emit.

Plant a tree today.

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