World Environment Day Tree Planting at Shastri Park Delhi on 4th June 2014 by Director Operations, DMRC.

Usually extremely busy at their desk and on the field, the top brass of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) spent June 4, 2014, out in the open among trees and saplings in a run up to World Environment Day, June 5, 2014. 

As part of their commitment to a cleaner and greener Delhi, DMRC management took time off to kick off the plantation drive by planting trees at their Shastri Park Train Depot. 

One hundred trees  -- sandalwood, rudraksha (Utrasun Bead Tree) and mahogany -- were planted by Director Operations, Officer-on-Special-Duty to MD, Executive Director Safety, Executive Director Corp Comm and other senior managers. These trees will be nurtured to maturity by Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI) for two years.


Senior officials spent an informal chit-chat moment with each other during the plantation. But then that's what such activities do -- in our experience, plantation drives not only make your smiles wider, they bring upon a sense of well-being and a feeling of having done something good. 

Director Operations Mr Sharat Sharma planted a sandalwood tree at the premises. 

A sandalwood tree can grow in any part of India that has lots of sunshine and dry weather. The tree is given a lot of importance in Indian culture and is known for its fragrant wood.

Officer-on-Special-Duty to the Managing Director, Mr Pramit K Garg planted a sandalwood tree. 

Sandalwood saplings need a lot of care and nurturing in their first year. 

Executive Director, Safety, Mr Satish Jindal, also planting a sandalwood tree.

One may even keep the sandalwood tree in a large container (cement chilla /pot/etc) in your balcony or terrace.

Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Mr Anuj Dayal, planted a rudraksha tree. The rudraksha beads, which are the trees seeds, have a lot of importance in the religions of the Indian subcontinent, particularly, Hinduism.

Executive Director, Signals, Mr Arvind Bhatnagar, 
also planted a rudraksha tree at the Shastri Park premises. 

Chief General Manager II, Mr Sushil Kumar, tending to his rudraksha sapling, which is a season-old.

Deputy General Manager, Mr I P Singh, took on the extra responsibility and happily distributed the saplings among colleagues.

Deputy General Manager, Corporate Communication, Ms Sushma Gaur, was all smiles at the plantation drive.

Deputy General Manager, Mr I P Singh, planted a sandalwood and a mahogany sapling.

Assistant Manager, Mr Sanjay Kumar, planting his mahogany sapling.

The simplest way to combat climate change is to plant trees: Trees breathe in Carbon Di Oxide and through the process of photo-synthesis create food for themselves and breathe out Oxygen.
At Sustainable Green Initiative, we plant trees to help the fight against climate change and also hunger, poverty and rural migration. By planting a tree you help in doing your bit to mitigate your carbon footprint and carry on the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change.

Did you know a tree sequesters about 1 ton of carbon and processes enough oxygen for two peoples requirements in its life-time?

So what are you waiting for? Plant a tree today.


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