Dharam and Avani Mehta

11 Apple Trees

These trees were gifted by

Surya Saraff

on the occasion of your wedding on the

 14th of July, 2013


These Trees were planted on Basant Panchami by the Mahila Mangal Dal at Suneel Village, Uttarakhand.



See a video about SGI and the planting ceremony

  • These trees will be nurtured by the farmer for two years and we will send you geo-tagged growth stage photographs of your plants.
  • From the third year onwards, each tree will start yielding 100-120 kgs of Apples.
  • Each tree will help the farmer with food, nutrition and an income of at least Rs 500/- every year. Inflation adjusted.  While also combating global warming and climate change. And being a supply source and providing Oxygen for you and a loved one.
  • A 100% return on your contribution.

These trees are located in the village of Suneel, Chamoli Dist, Uttarakhand.

View Apple Trees planted for Dharam and Avani Mehta in a larger map

Climate change and global warming can be, to a very great extent reduced by planting trees. Sustainable Green Initiative plants fruit trees to combat global warming and simultaneously fight hunger, poverty and rural migration.

We work with marginal/ bpl farmers to plant fruit trees on land resources that they have access to. And ensure that your investment goes a long way to mitigate climate change, hunger, poverty and re-ruralization.

Did you know a mature tree processes enough oxygen for two peoples requirements for a life-time?


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