Planting reason: 364. One more reason to plant a tree today.

We at Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI) are always looking for reasons to plant trees. 

And as January ushers in the New Year, there can’t be a better time to welcome days holding the promise of hope. 

Planting trees to sustain life on earth

  After all, January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doors and windows, who was worshipped before starting any good work. With two faces – one looking back and one ahead – Janus is also indicative of saying goodbye to the past and looking ahead to the future. 

Planting trees to usher in a happy sustainable new year 2015

To mark new beginnings, SGI will plant timber and avenue trees such as Ashoka, Mahogany, Malaysian Sal, Neem, Maulsari Elengi and many others at Rabindra Sarovar,  Subash Sarobar, SAI Eastern Complex and SPCI Joka, Kolkata, India, on Sunday, January 4, 2014. The planting is also dedicated to people who lost their lives or loved ones in the past year. And to the many innocents who were killed in weather and terror attacks of 2014.

Money trees bring in luck prosperity and happiness

Here’s hoping we will only plant trees for love and luck in the coming years.

Please join us. 
Every tree counts.
Come, let’s wish the world a Happy New Year. 
A sustainable and prosperous New Year 2015. 


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