Stop talking, start planting

Philipp and Sara Schoeller, Walter and Delphine Raizner, planting trees in Mulvany House an old age home in Kolkata

There’s always time. Take Philipp and Sara Schoeller, Walter and Delphine Raizner, from Bavaria, Germany, for instance. In India to attend a wedding, the four of them had a busy schedule. After all, Indian weddings are nothing short of an extravaganza. Even then, they found time to visit Mulvany House, accompanied by their friends Murli Khemka, an ardent social tree planter and SGI board member with his wife Meghna Khemka.

A 116 year old age home in Kolkata, Mulvany House,has 300 fruit trees planted by SGI.

At Mulvany House, a 116-year old-age home in the heart of bustling Kolkata, Sustainable Green Initiative planted 300 fruit trees between June and October 2013. 
Indian Jujube or ber, fruiting in Mulvany House, Kolkata.

The visitors took a detailed tour of the place, identifying different trees and their fruits.
A papaya tree hugger from Germany

Delphine Raizner even chose to hug a papaya tree, her favourite fruit. 

They also met the residents of the home with a lot of warmth and love.

Tej Patta is used in Indian cooking. Philipp and Sara Schoeller, Walter and Delphine Raizner planting a bay leaf trees

Planting a pomegranate tree- Philipp and Sara Schoeller, Walter and Delphine Raizner,

Fruit trees being planted by Murli Khemka and Meghna Khemka in Mulvany House, Kolkata, India.

Together, they also patiently planted a litchi, a pomegranate, a gulab jam, a cherry and a bay leaf sapling and watered them. "This is a part of our contribution to the plant-for-the-planet initiative," said Philipp Schoeller, who belongs to the same town where Felix Finkbeiner started the movement inspired by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai of Kenya.

Thank you Philipp and Sara Schoeller, Walter and Delphine Raizner, Murli and Meghna Khemka.

With a promise to return and an assurance that their saplings will be well taken care of, Philipp and Sara Schoeller, Walter Raizner and Delphine went back with a smile, and the smell of soil on their hands. 

So what’s stopping you from planting a tree sapling?


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