Lining up the trees for the St Joseph Home's Residents

Tree planting by Inner Wheel Club Kolkata Metro Maidan

Old people can be fussy. They don't enjoy loud music, they don't like people shouting, and they positively detest traffic horns and loud Diwali crackers. Actually, traffic sounds and Diwali rackers can cause hearing problems among the healthiest of us.

Neetu Bajaj, Rachna Virmani, Madhu Agarwal, Rachna Agawal and members of Inner Wheel Club Metro Maidan Kolkata planring Ashoka Trees on Earth Day 2015

For the 124 residents of St Joseph's Home for the Aged, however, things are bound to get quieter and peaceful. And no one deserves it more. These old man and women aged 65 to 92 live in one of the busiest areas of Kolkata, and also the noisiest. Traffic sounds occur in their dreams and the honking cars have become a part of their existence. 

A dense wall of Polyalthia Longifolia will help prevent sound and air pollution at St Jospehs Old Age Home Kolkata
Until now, that is. To mark Earth Day, seven ladies from the INNER WHEEL CLUB Metro Maidan, through Sustainable Green Initiative, planted 65 Ashoka trees as a way of drowning out noise pollution for the residents. The "live" wall of these Devadaru trees as they are called in Bengal, will grow up to 25 feet high, thus dulling the sounds and also making the air cleaner. The ladies accompanied by three children visited the home bright and early on 26th April 2015, and got down to business. 

The fruit trees at Mulvany House was also planted by this dedicated team from Inner Wheel Club Metro Maidan, led by Neetu Bajaj.

SGI will look after these tree saplings for the next two years to ensure they grow nice and healthy. We also plan to have 300 more trees, which includes lots of fruit trees, too. The residents are asking for a number of soft on the dentures papaya and banana trees. Fussy, like we said.


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