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You don’t need climate change statistics and air quality index data to know that the air we breathe is becoming poisonous. Green house gases (GHGs), deforestation, increasing dependence on fossil fuels is making our only home a dangerous place to live in and one our future generations will struggle to survive in.

Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI) was set up with the sole objective of planting mostly fruit trees to fight hunger, poverty and climate change. Our organization distributes, plants, and maintains fruit tree saplings for three years in community lands, homesteads of marginal famers, and places such as orphanages, old-age homes, government schools, and so on

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Our Working Process

Fruit Trees Change Lives.
Pre Planting

Pits are dug, soil are prepared, saplings are brought 3-4 weeks prior.

Planting Day

Activity of planting is conducted with help of Vriksha Sevaks.

Post Planting Nurturing

80% of survival rate is ensured by nurturing for 3 years.

Our Projects

Sustainable Green Initiative Funded

SGI partners with NGO's and SHG's at Village and Block level to plant fruit trees for benefit farmers and communities.

CSR Activities

SGI Team collaborates with cooperates for CSR activities of planting fruit trees in the selected spaces.


Trees Planted


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Farmers Benefited



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Sustainable Green Initiative

As simple as it sounds, planting a tree is a perfect solution. A tree has the potential to sequester about a tonne of carbon over 50 years. What's more, it generates enough oxygen for two human beings for their entire lifetime.

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