Planting 51000 fruit trees for marginal farmers in villages around Lalitpur, Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Central India

In January 2017, we revisited the beneficiaries and planting sites where fruit tree saplings had been planted in July 2016 to gauge the progress and growth of the saplings.

 Despite the harshness of the passing winter, we were pleasantly surprised to see all the plants growing well; the villagers and staff of Bundelkhand Seva Sansthan had ensured that these trees will bear fruit soon.

51,000 fruit trees for Bundelkhand, 2017: Buoyed by our previous tree-planting effort and after having seen the results of the efforts of the villagers in nurturing and raising the fruit trees, we initiated this year’s project in May by seeking to raise INR 350,000 to plant and nurture another 4,000 fruit trees for 120 marginal farmers, trees that would provide food, nutrition and additional income to marginal farmers of Anaora village, Distt Lalitpur, Bundelkhand, UP.

As soon as we announced this year’s project and presented it to friends and fellow tree planters, SGI received good support. An old friend and patron from Kolkata committed INR 111,000. The Earth Day Network contributed to plant 2,017 fruit trees. Southern movie star Vishnu Vishal contributed 100,000 towards the cause. Nanjibhai Patel from Phoenix Projects Rajkot committed up to INR 250,000. Friends and family rallied with financial support and encouragement.

This gave us the encouragement and resolve to revise our plan to plant 51,000 fruit trees in five villages around Lalitpur. When we were just a little short of our fund raising target Mr Aditya Pundir and The Climate Reality Project stepped in to help and then the Earth Day Foundation completed the gap. We raised the required INR ten lakh budgeted for this fruit tree planting activity which was completed on 3rd August 2017. 

An old woman plants fruit tree saplings in India

Planting fruit trees to help fight climate change along with hunger and poverty: A total of 1,042 families of marginal farmers in ten villages of Anora, Masora,  Bamhorikala, Sorai , Ala Jalandhar, Didoniya, Darutala Almoda Pahadikhurd, Neemkheda, Dhawa and Bhounti have been chosen by us based on the recommendations of our partner NGO -Bundelkhand Sewa Sansthan, based on the farmers income levels, land holding, willingness to plant and most importantly, nurture the saplings. Planting began on 28th July and was completed on 3rd August 2017 to capitalize on monsoon rains.

Planting a tree is planting a hope.

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