Planting a tree

Planting a tree. 

As simple as it sounds, planting a tree makes a difference.
A tree has the potential to sequester about a ton of carbon over 50 years. What's  more, It generates enough oxygen for two human beings for their lifetimes.
Any which way you look at it. You are cleansing your air and making up for the carbon that you unintentionally emit.

On another plane SGI ensures a much larger perspective at play. The trees that you help plant and nurture, create a livelihood in the communities that undertake the planting activities on your behalf. They nurture for the tree and protect it as their own. Protecting your investment. 

When the tree bears fruit, they add to the livelihood and economy of these communities helping them find prosperity and engaging them to continue these activities on their own.
Even though the trees are planted on the remotest locations, their effects help the world on a global scale.

Plant a tree today:

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Yet planting just one type of tree begins to drain the soil of moisture and vital nutrients. That is why, we urge our planting partners to plant a variety of different trees in the area that are mutually beneficial towards creating small pockets of eco systems. 

Once these areas begin to grow and spread on their own as nature often does, it begins to improve the climatic and soil conditions of the areas around it, recreating the magic it does in places no human has yet pillaged.

This helps species of animals and birds that are losing their homes due to deforestation and climate change, find new homes and areas to live as the project begins to spread.
After all, this is their home too.

By planting a tree we not only help ourselves, but give back to world in ways we cannot possibly begin to imagine. And with every tree we plant, we unlock even more.


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