Sustainable Green Inititative

Tree Planting Process

  • At Sustainable Green Initiative, our planting process is completely devoid of inorganic chemicals, pesticides, weed suppressants or anything that can leech into the soil and ground water.
  • Mulching, farm yard manure, organic pest control methods like companion planting, at SGI, we practice what we preach.
  • Water is a precious resource, especially in India, where we have less than 2.5% of the world’s fresh water reserves which has to cater to almost 20% of the world’s population. To make every drop count, we have designed a very low cost “drip irrigation” system which also does “deep root irrigation” to increase plant survival rates while reducing water consumption.
sustainable green initiative

Low Cost Deep Root Irrigation System

Pre Planting Preparation

  • Pits are dug well in advance in a straight line or triangular planting formation.
  • These pits are prepared as per the requirements of the soil and water availability.
  • The pits are filled with cotton waste, manure and pesticides well in advance of planting date to ensure stabilization of the soil and readiness to receive the sapling that will be planted.
  • The saplings are brought to the planting site 3-4 weeks prior to planting date to allow for acclimatization to local water and soil conditions.

Planting Day

  • SGI ensures adequate vrikshasevaks (staff and help) is at hand to conduct the days proceedings without any hitch.
  • SGI provides for spades, shovels, garden hoes and cultivators as well as watering cans are available at site for the planting team.
  • Photographer and videographer can be made available at site.
  • Drinking water is provided.
  • Any special requirements like gardening gloves, towels etc may be procured but is strongly discouraged as they are wasteful.
  • Transportation to planting site can be arranged if needed. 

Post Planting Nurturing

  • SGI will nurture the trees for a three year period post planting and ensure 80% survival rates.
  • Replanting undertaken where needed to ensure 80% survival.


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