Planting with SGI

  • By engaging with the SGI, you plant trees through us and in turn help do your bit towards making up for the harm we have all done to the planet. 
  • When you purchase a tree (or trees) through the SGI, you guarantee that you are responsible for creating enough oxygen for you and a loved one for your entire lifetime. That is to say that one tree produces enough oxygen for the entire life span of two human beings. 
  • The tree is planted on the land of a farmer that is associated with us. They care and nurture for the tree as if it were their own, guaranteeing that the tree is looked after well into maturity and isn't neglected and uncared for. 
  • You will receive constant updates in the form of pictures and growth reports of the number of trees you have planted with geo-tagged information that can be viewed on software like Google Earth. This helps you locate your tree in real time and in a sense show you the area you are making a positive impact on.
  • The tree also consumes about a ton of carbon over its own lifetime. Though the figure might seem small, large scale plantations bolster the numbers in the fight against carbon and as the projects under the SGI grow and spread through the country, we begin a revolution that aids in the planet's struggle. As more trees are planted, the land is transformed, kindling nature into taking its course. Soon, new pockets of green begin to evolve and adapt in places where there wasn't much to begin with. New habitats are setup for the earth's dwindling wildlife population.
Picture of A Kingfisher perches on a tree in Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata.
You see, trees hold the key to re-establishing the balance we have disturbed over the last few decades. The more you plant, the more you spread love and engage in compassion and benevolence on a larger scale.


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