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why tree planting matters

Tree-planting is enormously rewarding, both as an activity and for the rewards we reap. Let’s explore some of the ways in which trees give and sustain life.

Remember photosynthesis? Here’s a quick biology lesson!

Trees sustain themselves through the process of photosynthesis. Their leaves absorb carbon dioxide, while their roots absorb water. Using sunlight as energy, these are then converted into compounds such as glucose that feed the tree. Oxygen is a happy by-product of this process, and is released into the atmosphere. One tree produces enough oxygen for two people in a year!
This absorption of CO2 and releasing of O2 significantly reduces pollution, improves air quality and reduces temperatures - all of which help tackle climate change!
Did you know?
A study by Lancaster University found that roadside trees reduce nearby indoor pollution by over 50%! 
Trees are vital for our protection. Deforestation has been directly linked to the scale of destruction caused by floods and cyclones in recent years. Trees are also essential in maintaining healthy ecosystems and improved biodiversity. Additionally, by improving the health of the soil and groundwater, they nurture an environment for more growth.


Why sgi?

tree planting



Fruit trees provide alternative sources of income to help fight poverty. They are also excellent sources of nutrition, and invaluable in the fight against hunger.



With just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home, you can help reduce our impact on the planet.



Our saplings are nurtured for up to three years to ensure they are given the best possible chance to thrive.



SGI supporters receive regular updates and growth reports for the tree(s) they plant. Geo-tagging allows you to see your own positive impact using Google Earth.

why SGI
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